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Our Mission
Aryabhatta does not aim at making itself a big business house. The mission is to provide affordable education to the children of the locality. Therefore it does not go for advertisements. No leaflet, no banner, no news paper advertisements have become the principal policy. The advertisements are given for the students of the weaker section of the society. It provides free coaching or coaching at lower price to the deserving students of the weaker section of the socity. The fee is not exorbitant either like the premier institutes. It runs on no loss no profit basis. Therefore fees are much less compared to the so called premier institutes,though the percentage of result and teaching hour is much more than the so called premier institutes. It does not aim at creating some hardcore professionals for the country but producing some good human beings. Therefore teachers are directed to teach values along with the subjects and are made to participate in social activities like plantation and helping the destitute. In recent phyline the institute donated Rs. One lakh and students collected Rs. 14,800 to donate to the chief minister’s relief fund. At the time of joining students are advised bluntly to leave if they don’t have any love for Odisha. The mission of Aryabhatta is to provide the facility of coaching to underprivileged students and produce more and more patriotic incorruptible engineers and doctors who can work for the underprivileged section of the society at the same time doing no injustice to the other segment of the society.
Our Vision

Aryabhatt visiualises a strong india with ideal work force who can take India to its past glory, instill values of indian ideologies and ethos. It is observed that the hardcore professionals today are mostly carrier oriented and pay less attention towards the society. That is why we find so many scams and corruption in almost all establishments. If a student is oriented so that he/she visualises his/her growth as the growth of the society and vice-versa and he is a integral part of the process of amelioration of the society then the society will be stronger and he will be creating a very good society for himself and generations to follow.

Our Aim

Our aim is to create the foundation for a strong intelectual work force for India and the World which will be concerning himself / herself to uplift the weaker section of India and make India stronger to be a concerned partner in the peaceful world.